Elder Kyaw Sann

Kyaw Sann was born in Burma to Buddhist parents. When the
military took over the Burmese government, he joined the
democracy group. He fled to the jungle to avoid being killed by the
Burmese military. While in the jungle, he became friends with a
group of Christians. They invited him to a Christmas party, where he
he learned about Jesus. During his time in the jungle, he also met a
young woman named Ma Cho. Eventually, Ma Cho and Kyaw Sann
were married. They were married while Kyaw Sann still professed
Buddhism and Ma Cho followed Christ. Ma Cho was the first Christian
in Kyaw Sann’s family. Kyaw Sann became distressed over the
division in his household as his wife and he followed separate
religions. Researching Christianity, Kyaw Sann became convinced
that Jesus was the only way to heaven.
After years in the jungle and a refugee camp, Kyaw Sann, Ma Cho,
and their three children were able to come to the United States as
refugees. Once in Fort Wayne, Kyaw Sann was connected with Pastor
Keller. Kyaw Sann desired to learn more about the Christian faith
and Jesus, so Pastor Keller taught him using the Catechism and the
100 Bible Stories book. Kyaw Sann has taken his faith a step further
in partnering with LAMB. He became the translator for the Burmese
worship service at New Life Lutheran Church. He also translates bible
studies into Burmese, manages an English as a Second language
(ESL) program, helps with developing LAMB’s Burmese website, and
coordinates summer programs. He is meeting felt needs in the
Buddhist and Muslim communities by reading mail, making phone
calls, and advocating at appointments. Through this, he connects
with people and is able to share the love of Jesus with the his fellow

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Building a Bridge From Burma to Christ