Medical Deaconness Taylor Htoo Aung

Taylor Aung (formerly known as Thay Lar Htoo) grew up
in Burma. She was raised Christian. During the struggle for
democracy in Burma, she fled to Thailand. There she met Dr.
Cynthia Maung and was trained as a nurse to work in Dr.
Cynthia’s clinic in Mae Sod. Taylor also visited neighboring
villages and provided home health education and medical care.
She came to the United States with her family (husband Thein
Htun Aung, daughters Charry and Ester) and three of her younger
brothers in 2005. Since coming to America she has added another
daughter to her family (Su Su) and a son (William). She was hired
as a part time Medical “deaconess” in 2008. She became full time
in 2009. She is kept very busy helping the Burmese from many
different religious/ethnic backgrounds access needed medical care.
She is also very good at inviting people to attend the bi-lingual
worship service. Her husband grew up Buddhist. In the fall of
2009 he was baptized. Taylor and her family are helping to meet
the physical felt needs of the growing Burmese community. In the
process they also help to meet the true spiritual need. Taylor is also
very involved with the training of the Bible Women.
The Bible Women visit in homes and help mothers to teach
their children God’s Word and apply Christian Discipline They
assist with pre-natal, post-natal care, child development, and home
health education.

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