Social Services

Summer Camp

Please visit the “Send a Kid to Camp” page to learn more about LAMB’s Summer Camp program.

Medical Assistance

Volunteers act as advocates for the Burmese. The volunteer assists the Burmese in scheduling doctor appointments and providing transportation to and from the doctor’s office. The volunteer acts as a medical advocate for the Burmese and works closely with a Burmese translator to insure that the medical needs of the Burmese patient are met. The volunteer assists the Burmese in getting prescriptions filled and in taking the medicine in the right doses.

Education Assistance

Volunteers act as educational advocates for the Burmese. Volunteers assist newly arrived Burmese families with enrolling their children into appropriate grades at school and making transportation arrangements for students. The volunteer assists with parent/teacher conferences as an educational advocate for the family. Volunteers are recruited to act as tutors for Burmese elementary, high school and university students. These tutors work closely with ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers in Fort Wayne Community Schools and East Allen County Schools. Volunteers are also recruited to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes. Volunteer ESL teachers are paired with a Burmese family or individual who has requested this kind of assistance. Many times a small class of 3-5 students is formed that meets once a week for one or two hours at a time.

Green Card Assistance

Volunteers assist the Burmese by filling out the I-485 application for adjustment of status and accompanying them to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and acting as their advocate. Sometimes this process involves writing letters and submitting additional documentation to the various agencies.

Future Social Services

Job Assistance (Future)

Volunteers help Burmese find jobs. The volunteer drives to the application site, assists filling out applications and finding reasonable transportation to and from work.

Building a Bridge From Burma to Christ